Repairing and maintenance

22/07/2017 05:47

Some secrets to keep crane's span longer

Having right maintenance way is the greatest method to keep service safety and long span. Therefore, crane must be inspected on regular basis on time. Maintenance must be allowed the requirements of "Safety rules of lifting machinery" and other relevant documents.
+ Lubrication: to last crane span we need to have a regular and correct lubrication. Formally, we should check the situation of all lubricant parts every three months which helps us decide to refuel or replace old oil. In the case of using in high frequency or harsh environment, we must choose special type of oil to use.
+ Lifting components (hoist and components): Lifting components is one of the most important part of the crane. They must be regular checked. If they have one of following circumstances, we must scrape or replace a new one immediately:
(1) Any cracks on the surface,
(2) Dangerous section or hook neck have deformation,
(3) Hook torsional deformation more than 10,
(4) Dangerous section wears up to 10% more than original section.
(5) Hook open up to 15% more than original size,
(6) Bolts and hook appear any cracks and deformations.