Absorption Chiller  Leayon

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With oil or gas as the prime energy, trigeneration provides power, heating or cooling for community or buildings.

    Flue gas operated LiBr absorption Chiller/ heater is operated by flue gas from generations and other heat sources, falling into two categories flue gas operated and flue gas/hot water operated. High temperature flue gas operated absorption Chiller/ heater is mainly applicable to the trigeneration installations with turbo generators (including micro turbine). For flue gas-hot water type, main heat sources can be flue gas and jacket water from internal combustion engine. These types can be used in other places where high temperature flue gas is available and air conditioning is necessary.  In order to meet the technological needs, LiBr absorption Chiller/heater with after burners can be installed where heat of flue gas (or flue gas and hot water) is not enough to drive them. 
    For trigeneration systems driven by internal combustion engines, if flue gas supply is sufficient for the air-conditioning requirements, then jacket hot water can be used for other applications and backup burner on the chiller will be an option.

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