Electric Chain Hoist Leayon

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Giá: $ 750.0
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Shell: made by aluminum alloy material, solid and light weight. It can be used continuously because it was characteristic of heat sink. Whole closed structure can be used in chemical workshop, electroplating plants and other places. Including 2 kinds: Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley and Chain Hoist with Hook

Features of product:

- Magnetic brake: The newest design of the magnetic generator. Cutting the power supply will not affect the whole system. Furthermore, the brake absolutely ensure safety.
- Limit switch: Load and unload processing always has the control. Beside, It has automatically stop system, prevent chain out and ensure safety.
- Chain: Use imported FEC80 alloy steel pass through superheated processing before making chain. Use safety in rain, sea water, chemicals and other harsh conditions.
- Hook: Heat force, excellent strength. The hook can rotated 360 and safely tongue will be obliterated.
- Transformer: Installed 24V/36V transformer to prevent accidents when leakage or ensure safe use when it's raining.
- Electromagnetic contactor: High efficiency and high frequency.
- Reverse phase protection device: With a special wire, when the connection wires of power are error, the control circuit can not move.

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