Advantages of using overhead crane

05/04/2019 03:42

Advantages of using overhead crane

 Advantages of using Double Girder overhead crane in factory

LH Model Electric Hoist Bridge Crane
LH model electric Hoist Overhead Crane has such features as tight dimensions, low building headroom, light dead weight and light wheel load. They are applicable to the transfer, assembly, check and repair as well as load and unload at mechanic processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgical mills, warehouse, goods yard and power station. They can also be used instead of common double-girder overhead crane at production workshop in light textiles or food industry. It has two kinds of classification, that is, light and medium. The working ambient temperature is generally -250C  to 400C. It is forbidden to work in environment with combustible, explosive or corrosive media.

Two operating methods, namely, on floor and in the driver’s cabin, have been designed for such kind of crane. The cabin is divided into open-style and closed style. The cabin can be installed on the left or the right according to actual conditions, The operator can enter the cabin from one side, rear or top, which depends on the different user’s requirements.

QD overhead crane with hook Cap .5 to 50/10T

(+) QD model 5-50/10T overhead crane with hook is mainly composed of bridge, running gear of crane, trolley and electrical device etc. It is divided into two working classes: A5 and A6 according to the use grade and load-up condition.

(+) There are three kinds of method for entering the platform of cab: from the side, from the side, from the end and from the top. The figure is the side entrance; arrowhead Ashows the end entrance; the top entrance is at the place there is no door.

(+) The figure shows that the cab is mounted at the left end.

(+) Safe slide wire or angle iron can be used for electric conduction of the crane; it can be either at the opposite side of the cab (same as the figure) or at the sameside of the cab.

(+) Operation of the crane shall be finished in the cab completely.

(+) HO is the increased height of buffer of the crane, HO.=250.